Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.I have found it harder and harder to blog lately. Faith is a busy busy girl. She is walking more now than crawling. She is into everything. We love it, but at the end of the day I am so tired.
2. Faith's ears finally quit bleeding. I am so glad, because if not we were going to have to go in for some blood work. Her ENT thought she might have ITP. But she is fine.
3.I ave a head filled with so many ideas. I wish I had the time,and money to put them all into play. I want to do something with my life so badly.
4.I have the best husband EVER. I know that I complain about him sometimes, but overall he is a dream come true. Love you Babe!
5.I have finally started doing stuff for myself and it feels great. I started to tan last week. ( don't worry, it is sunless! ) and I am making an appointment to get my hair done. I am so excited. Finally going to start feeling better about myself.
6.I have started cleaning out the clutter in my house. It feels great to get rid of stuff that I don't use. My neighborhood is having a community wide garage sale next weekend, so I will be selling some stuff.
7. I am so happy that I decided to rear face Faith in her care seat until she is at least 2. And I am happy that I educated someone enough at work to turn he 13 month old back to rear facing.
8. We have started walking our sweet minpins again everyday. We were really slacking for a while, but we are on the right track to getting these babies more exercise.
9. Speaking of pins, Gracie is going to be 8 years old on Friday. My sweet girl is going to be 8. OMG, I just can't believe it. She is my first born ;) and so special to me.
10. Damian has someone coming over to clean out house on Thursday. SO happy. What a great way to start the mother's day weekend! Pictures soon, but too tired tonight to upload them.

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