Thursday, June 28, 2012

Penny update

Well, Faith pooped the penny out tonight. ;) Just thought I would share.. I wouldn't share the picture that we took of it. You better believe that we are keeping that penny!

9 months old

Nine months is always the hardest for me. I feel like at nine months you are teetering on the cusp of a year. My baby will be one in just three short months. It went by way to fast. It makes me so sad to think that Noah is my last baby. Never again will I experience all the things I am getting to experience with him now. TEAR......... Noah James, - You have been a BUSY boy this past month. - You started crawling on June 1st. You army crawled for one day and then took off on all fours after that. You are so cute when you crawl. It doesn't seem like you are all that fast, but you get to where you need to go. One minute you are in the living room and the next minute you are in the kitchen. So clearly you can book it when you need to. - You have also started pulling up and standing on everything. You even let go for a split second. - You are still wearing size 4 diapers. I am really starting to think I don't want to cloth diaper you. I know that it would save us so much money, but I feel like I save so much money not using formula, or feeding jarred baby foods. So give me a break. ;) - You still sleep in our bed, and we don't see you leaving anytime soon. It works for all of us, and I really don't care what other people say. - You drink out of your sippy like a PRO. Still no bottle. - You have also given up your Paci. You never really liked it. You have been without it for almost a month now. - If I had to guess I would say you weigh about 24lbs. We will see at your 9 month check up on Monday. - Your hair is really growing in. It is going to be thick like your daddy's. - You are still very much a momma's boy, but you will settle for your daddy or your PoPo. - You are an amazing eater just like your sissy. I really believe that has to do with not feeding any jarred baby foods. - You wear 18 month cloths - You love story time at the library, and are super outgoing when we are around all the other little kids. - You have also learned how to clap this month. It is so cute. - You have learned to sign "milk", "up" and "more" this month. I am so proud. - You say Dada all the time. Your daddy thinks that it is because you love him best, but we all know you are just trying to make him feel better. ;) - You think Sissy is so funny. You laugh and laugh at her. Dance class is almost as much fun for you as it is for her. - You are so strong. You can throw things across the room. So far it is always with your left hand. We will see how that changes. - You are such an angel. I am so in love with you little boy. We all are.

Monday, June 25, 2012

My piggy bank

Faith swallowed a penny today. Most people I tell this to can't believe that Faith actually did this. But, she did. I spent a good chunk of my afternoon in the pediatrician's office. Dr. C said we could go get an xray to be sure she ate it, and to see where it was at. I opted out of the xray. I know she ate it, and I didn't want to stress her out anymore than she already was. So we got sent home with a bucket, some gloves and some tounge depressors. So, for the next week we will be sifting through Faith's poop to see if we find the penny. If for some reason it doesn't come out, we will go back to the doctor and see what our next step is. I seriously, can't believe she swallowed a penny.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I wish he would slow down

I really wish that Noah would slow down just a little. He is growing up so fast. He has been crawling for about three weeks now, and today he started pulling all the way up. Look how proud he is of himself!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My baby girl is growing up

We didn't pierce Faith's ears when she was a baby because I always wanted her to make that choice. I figured that she would probably be 7 years old when she wanted it done. BUT, oh no! Faith has been talking about getting her ears pierced for a couple weeks now. So tonight, we decided to take her to get them done.
She of course picked out ”diamonds”. She climbed up the chair like a big girl and really did pretty well. She did so good with the first ear, and was a little nervous about the second one, but did great.
When we were checking out, she was looking in mirror, smiling and dancing. She was so happy she got her ears pierced. The girl who did them was so sweet and patient. When we left Faith said ” thank you for piercing my ears”.
We celebrated with a yummy cupcake from Hey Cupcake.
  I am so happy that we made a special memory for my baby girl today.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rub a dub dub

Three little Cuellar's in a tub

Blogging from my phone

Hells yeah! I might actually blog more now that I have the blogger app on my phone. This is awesome. Right at this very second I am nursing Noah, and blogging from my phone.
  We are headed out to Movie in the Park in a bit. Tonight is Puss n Boots. I really wanted to see this movie, but right now I am wishing I was going to bed early....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Please say a prayer

Please say a prayer for this beautiful little boy. Our friends/ neighbors welcomed this sweet baby boy into the world yesterday and he is now at Dell Children's Hospital having a procedure on his heart. He will undergo open heart surgery in a couple weeks to fix his little heart. He has transposition of the great vessels. Everyone knows how heart issues in babies are very near and dear to me. I have just been sick, worried about this sweet angel.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

Today there is only one thing that I really wish for, and that is a MAID.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I haven't done 10 on Tuesday for a while, so I thought I would give it a shot. 1. Being a stay at home mom is the hardest job in the freaking world. No joke. I remember when I was working and I thought being a working mom was hard. ( not that it isn't hard, but being a SAHM is a lot harder for me ) I feel like I never get caught up on anything. There is always laundry to be done, dishes to be done, dogs to let in and out, butts to wipe, kids to feed etc. The list goes on and on, and some days I feel like I totally SUCK at being home with my kids. 2. I am still doing Zumba, and feel like it is my only ME time. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I can't wait until I am able to get out of the house and be FREE for just an hour. 3. I have been more stressed that I have been in a long time. Because I am staying at home and because Damian started a new business we don't have money like we used to and it stresses me to the MAX. As a result of this I have lost weight. Which leads me to number 4. 4. Even though we aren't doing the best with money right now, I do have something to be happy about. I have lost about 8 more pounds. I wear a size 4 and some of my pants are starting to get loose. This makes me happy. VERY happy. We also aren't eating out like we used to, so that is probably why I have lost more weight. That and I have good ol' Squishy, who still nurses through the night. He sucks the fat right from me. haha 5. My 10 year high school reunion is this August and part of me is excited to see everyone and part of me says " I got out of that town just as fast as I could, why do I want to go back?" 6. My sweet FIL bought Faith a bed set, pillows, and a new lamp for her new big girl bed. She is so excited, and hopefully Damian will be able to convert her toddler bed over within the next couple of days. 7. I am really trying to de-clutter our house, and it seems like I am really not having much luck. WE have to have a garage sale soon. We are overwhelmed with CRAP. I wish for my house to be clutter free, and for everything to have a spot, and for it to be clean. 8.This past Sunday Gracie ripped over her entire nail. I am talking about to the bone. Of course, she got blood everywhere. Carpet, my bed etc. So she has the cone of shame on and let me tell you, sleeping with a dog who has one of those on is not fun. Especially since she sleeps under the covers usually between my legs. 9. The past couple of weekends we have played it low key and just hung out around Kyle/ Buda area. We have been going to the pool, movies in the park etc. I don't think we have spent over $20 the past couple of weekends, but I have to say it has been some of the best times as a family. 10. I think I have finally talked Damian into getting rid of the cable. He is such a TV junkie it makes him really lazy. For the past two weeks he has not watched much TV and he has gotten so much more accomplished. I am praying that he makes the final leap and just turns the cable off.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Look at my grown up flower bed!!

Remember me saying how our awesome neighbor planted flowers and plants in our flowerbeds? Check out my pretties! I am so excited. I say that this is my first GROWN UP flower bed, because normally I go to Home Depot or Lowes and pick out cute Gerber daisies, and any other bright cutesie flowers I could find. I never cared if they could withstand the Texas heat, I just thought they were pretty and I wanted them. They looked great for all about 2 weeks and then they died. Now that I have two kiddos, I don't have the time or the money to waste on stuff like that. I knew that I wanted some flowers and plants in the beds, but I just didn't know where to start or what to do. So my lovely neighbor has helped me so much, and taught me so much about how I wanted perennials (they come back year after year ), and what kinds of flowers and plants can really stay alive with the heat. I am not taking any credit with how awesome this flower bed looks, because I didn't plant anything, Rhonda planted everything. She says it is a work in progress and as it grows I will keep taking pictures of how it looks. But right now I am amazed at how much better it looks than a bunch of weeds like before. I should have taken before and after pictures.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Faith just LOVES Caroline. Caroline is in her dance class, and their birthdays are just 20 days apart. She has had so much fun over the past couple weeks swimming and playing with her Bestie. :) Caroline loves to hold Noah too. :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Good People

God has blessed us with so many amazing people in our lives. Just recently I have noticed it more than ever. This weekend alone, I had one friend swing by my house and drop off an armful of clothes she had gotten for Faith, and our neighbor across the street came over and helped Damian weed the flower beds and then, she planted beautiful plants and flowers in our flower beds. We used one of our home depot gift cards to go get soil, mulch and a couple plants, but she did everything else, plus added several plants and flowers from her own personal stash. This sweet woman has the most beautiful back yard. She is an avid gardener. We have also spent the last two weekends with an awesome family at the pool, and then BBQing at their house later in the evening. Damian and I are so happy to have found a couple to hang out with that are pretty much just like us. They even have a 3 year old daughter who Faith LOVES. We love you Mata's!

Friday, June 1, 2012

I promise to my kids...

I promise to my kids that I will call them everyday when they are grown, just to check on them and see how they are doing. I will love and support them no matter what, and help them out in whatever way I can. I want to do this for my kids, because I do not get this from my mom. I am not trying to put my mom on blast ( I am not sure if she even read this ) but I am just expressing how much I still need and long for her attention ( even at 28 years old ). I feel like our relationship is very one sided. Meaning, if I don't call her, or take the kids to see her, she doesn't see or talk to us. I went to therapy last year about this same issue with her, and I thought that things were slowly getting better until I stepped back and saw that it was me who was putting the effort in, and not her. I am so crazy jealous of other girls my age who have really strong bonds with their mom. I don't. It makes me so sad, but I have come to accept that this is the way it is, and I will have to deal with it. I do not want to be like that with my kids. I am so scared that I will. But everyday I try and remind myself of the mom I want to be, and the mom that I wished I had. My mom did the best she could with what she was dealing with at the time. That is me talking about my childhood. BUT, I want her to be a good grandma to my kids, and she seems to busy with her life to take 5 minutes out of her day to call and check on us. I guess she thinks she keeps up with us through facebook and that is good enough. I don't know. This is just me rambling off my thoughts, and I am sure that nothing will come of it. I just feel alone sometimes.