Friday, February 1, 2013

National Cardiac Awareness Day

Today we wore red for NCAD. I was overwhelmed by the amount if people that posted on my Facebook page pictures of themselves and or their kids wearing red to support Faith. It was so awesome and our family is truly blessed.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sneak peak

We are re doing our living room and our kitchen. Out with the dark green and reddish orange color and in with nice new fresh paint. The painters are coming this weekend to paint and this week I am busy taking stuff off the walls and getting everything ready to be painted.

I have been busy though getting my craft on! I have spent less than $20 jazzing up some of our stuff. I am adding splashes if red, white and aqua into our living room. I have done some thriftily and found a lot of this stuff for dirt cheap. Just spray painted it and I am good to go.. Here is what I have been doing

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New year, new me

This year one if my resolutions is to loose 10lbs. I am doing a biggest loser type contest with my MOPS group, and I know for sure I won't win, but I think it will be nice to have some motivation and encouragement along the way. A lot of moms have gym memberships and I used to. But with Damian's crazy work schedule and my OCD about other people watching my kids, I sadly have no gym. But now I don't need one! I bought this elliptical for $40. I am so excited. Last night I did 30 minutes on it while I watched Honey BooBoo. It sucked real bad, but when I was done I was happy I did it. I have done about 10 minutes so far today. Here's to me actually doing something with myself this year.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year

I am going to try my hardest to actually be consistent with my blogging! We will see how that goes.

Baby Shaq

The first time we ever had Noah's foot measured we had our 17 year old nephew with us. Here we are in Stride Rite getting Noah's little 8 month feet measured. They were a 4.5 extra wide. I was shocked. Damian was shocked. And Andrew yells " Damn Baby Shaq!" The lady measuring baby boy's feet busted out laughing. So Baby Shaq has now stuck with Noah.
Fast forward to the present...
I knew Noah's 5.5's were getting snug. So I took him in to get measured. 6.5 extra wide. Do you know how freaking hard it is to find extra wide shoes?! It sucks. We finally ended up ordering a pair from Zappos and they are adorable. They match Damian's Sauconys too.
This boy has big wide feet. But aren't these shoes too cute for words?

Faith goes back to the ENT

Faith went back to the ENT today for consult to see if we need another set of tubes. They tested her hearing and her speech and she is perfect on hearing and better than perfect on speech. But the extra fluid on her ears isn't good. So she is scheduled for another set of tubes and to have her atnoids removed for February 18 at Dell Children's hospital. I am super anxious about how she will do, and mostly because Faith is a Drama Queen ( and the other part is her heart issues)! I love her dearly, but she gets really worked up about stuff. I don't know where she gets that from ;)

Please keep my baby girl in your thoughts and prayers...

Monday, December 31, 2012

15 months

Really can't believe that 15 months has come and gone. I remember Faith at 15 months and I just felt like she was so grown up. Maybe because Noah is our last baby, I don't feel like 15 months is grown up at all. He is still very much a baby. He is my baby and I am holding onto every last ounce of him being a baby. Never the less he is growing up, and here is what is going on with my Squish... Noah, You are 15 months old and weigh about 26-27lbs ( we will find out on Jan 2nd ) You wear 18-24 month clothes. Some 2t also. You have a whole mouth full of teeth. Seriously! A freaking mouth full. You are still a biter, but are getting a lot better about not biting. ( please note, you do not bite while nursing. You just bite everything else) You wear a size 6.5 extra wide shoe. Finding shoes for you is a nightmare. You are obsessed with cars. All kinds of cars. They are overtaking my house. But I don't mind because I adore the way you make your little car noises when you play with them. You are one tough cookie. Since you are such a dare devil, and have no fear, you fall A LOT! But you usually don't cry, and if you do it is for a second and then you are off again. You are still nursing and I don't think we will be stopping anytime soon. :) You are sleeping through the night still. You are showing interest in going potty on the potty chair. You even pooped in the potty the other day. I was so proud. But not as proud as your big sissy was. She adores you. You have already had two hair cuts since you turned one. And you barely have any hair. As soon as one curl pops up or one piece of hair touches your ears it is time for a cut. You still don't really care for veggies and or fruits. The only way I can get you to eat anything like that is in those stupid little pouches. UGGH. You climb onto everything. I spend most of my day chasing you and trying to keep you out of trouble. You really enjoyed Christmas this year. You LOVED opening gifts and signed please over and over wanting us to take everything out of the box right away. You are saying a handful of words and still signing. I am really working on saying more words though. You love reading yours books that make noises. You are a complete and total HAM. You have the cheesiest smile and it makes me laugh every single time you do it. We love you so much baby brother....