Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I am going to try and post pictures for my ten on Tuesday.

1. This weekend was BudaFest. It is a festival in Buda that they have every year. There is a parade and lots of booths with people selling all kinds of stuff. We bought Faith some new bows this weekend from ladies who were making them. Like Faith really needs anymore bows. BUT I love them.

2. We are still battling Faith's eczema. Some days it's ok and some days it's YUCK. Check it out.

3. We have been talking about Santa A LOT! Faith saw him in the mall a couple weeks ago and she had a panic attack. She wouldn't go near him. This weekend she seemed more interested and said "Sansa" over and over again, But when it got right down to it, she cried when she was in his lap. I want to keep trying until I get a good picture. Is this mean of me?

4. We also went to a wedding this weekend. Our friend's Angela and Jodie got married this weekend and it was BEAUTIFUL.

5. My daughter is seriously the best little girl. She was so good during the wedding. She only shouted out " TuTu " as my sister walked down the aisle.

6. I don't think I mention on here enough how lucky I am to have such a good daddy for Faith. Damian is seriously amazing with her. I knew he would be a good dad, but I never he would be this good!

7. Emilio's ears are starting to stand. YIPEE! I know that some of you could care less about that, but I am super excited. I hope they stand up. I love dogs with stand up ears!!

8. Both my dogs are still in e- collars. There is no picture for this. I have had enough of those damn cones. I can't stand to look at them anymore. Hopefully Gracie will get hers off tomorrow and Emilio will get his off on Friday.

9.Faith is getting a little boy cousin. My brother in law , CJ and his girlfriend Vanessa will be having a baby boy in May.

10. which leads me to number ten. People keep asking us when we are going to have another one. It isn't that easy people. Not everyone gets pregnant without having to try. Making babies for us is a J-O-B and we will start trying again in the spring. K? Now get off my back.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Traditions

I wanted to start a Christmas tradition, so this year we went to the Christmas Tree Farm and cut down our Christmas Tree. We usually have a fake tree, and although doing it that way is much easier, I will never have another fake tree. We had such a great time. We took the grandparents and some of the cousins with us to join in on the fun.

We first stopped by to visit the farm animals they have there. Faith LOVED them. She was trying to pet everyone.

After we visited the animals we played on the swings a little.

Next was the tractor ride that took us into the fields of trees.

Viviana, PoPo and Faithie on the tractor

We searched high and low, and finally found OUR perfect tree.

Let Momma show you how it's done!

Faith decided to help me.

Now Daddy takes a stab at it, but Faith makes sure he is doing it right.

Our Family:

She had such a good time.

What are some of your holiday traditions?

Funny Farm at the Cuellar House

Last Saturday Emilio and Gracie were playing and Emilio bit Gracie on the leg, which resulted in Gracie getting 4 staples in her leg and she got herself one of these:

Then, on Wednesday, Emilio got neutered and stenotic nares surgery. Emilio's nostrils were too narrow and it was hard for him to breath, so we opted in getting him a little nose job.
Found this imagine on google.

Emilio is also wearing the cone of shame.

Gracie is wearing her cone like a champ. She isn't happy about it, but she is doing ok. Look how pretty she looks modeling her cone.

Emilio on the other hand is terrified of his. He shakes and salivates uncontrollably. He stands in the same spot until I take it off of him. Faith is the sweetest thing in the whole world because she is so worried about Emilio standing there crying she feels the need to go up to him and console him. She gives him kisses and talks to him and it melts my heart. Before I ever had Faith, I hoped and prayed that I would have a kind hearted animal lover. I think I got what I asked for, no?

It is a funny farm around here these days. Two dogs with e- collars on and Faith is a little under the weather. But times like this make me feel like SUPER MOM. I love them. I enjoying taking care of all my babies.