Monday, May 17, 2010

I love reading blogs

I am addicted to reading blogs. That's it, I said it. Some people like to watch TV, but not me, I love reading every one's blogs. I especially love to read on Mondays. Everyone usually has really good posts from the weekend.

So my post ....

This weekend was great! On Friday I got my hair cut and highlighted. It had been a long time, and I am loving it oh so much. It is amazing what a hair cut will do for your self esteem. Saturday, our neighborhood has a community wide garage sale, so we set up shop. We didn't do too bad. Saturday afternoon we went out to eat and did a little shopping.
And Sunday we signed up at the YMCA. I am excited to start working out, and taking some mommy and me swimming lessons, and mommy and me yoga classes. Can't wait!

Hope everyone has a great week. Counting down to the weekend already.

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