Monday, October 11, 2010

So much to say, but so little time to say it

I have about a million things I want to blog about, but honestly, never have the time to blog about them. I work full time, get home with Faith, make dinner, take care of the dogs and get Faith ready for bed. Then I get stuff ready for the next day. By the time I am finally done with everything I just want to sit down for 5 minutes and relax or I am ready for bed.

I am at home today with a sick kiddo. Faith has been super sick with a very high fever. We took her in this morning and she has croup. She should be ready to go back to daycare by Wednesday. Poor little girl doesn't feel good and wants her mommy.
I don't mind, because I love snuggling with her. She melts my heart.

So since I am home and Faith is down for a nap, I decided to catch up on some blogging. I should probably be taking a nap too, but I really want to start blogging more.

Get ready for a blog overload! :)

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