Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I am soooooo proud of Faith! She had a very busy weekend. Friday we had rehearsal for my Aunt's wedding. Faithie was the flower girl. At rehearsal she didn't walk down the aisle. She cried and wanted to be carried. So I was freaking out.
She stayed up waaay past her bedtime, but took a couple of very long naps on Saturday and got ready for the wedding. It started at 7:30pm. ( Faith is usually getting ready for bed at his time ) SHE WALKED DOWN THE AISLE!! I was so proud. :) She had a great time at the reception.She was very social and danced the night away. Again, she stayed up waaaay past her bed time.
She took a couple of very good naps today and got up and was ready to go trick or treating. Again, I was worried that she wouldn't like it, but AGAIN she amazed us. She trick or treated like a pro. She loved it. It was so funny because she would try and take handfuls of candy. We had such a great time with her this weekend and are so proud of our little girl. Times like now are what being a parent is all about.

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