Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The "Paci P"

Faith loves her Paci. She really does. I remember hearing this weird noise after was pulled out of me, and I asked what the noise wasand the nurse said" She is sucking her thumb. So this child seriously loves sucking on her paci. She was sucking on her paci less than 24 hours old. LOOK! Here she is with it!

So, I first said that by the time she was 8 months old she would be done with the paci. That was a no go. Damian and I decided that by a year old for sure no more paci.
Then 2 weeks before her birthday she ended up back in the hospital for her heart, and Dr. S told us that her paci was soothing to her and that if it helped her calm down, don't take it away. Notice her Paci in this picture.

OK, so 12 months was a no go, which brings us to 19 months!
Let me back up and say that after 6 months old, Faith only got her paci in the car, and when she was sleeping. If she was sick or in the hospital we did give it to her then.
Alright, so now I have a 19 month old who still loves her paci, which she calls a Paci P or usually just " P" Where she got the name for it, I have no idea,but P is it's name.
She is starting to want her P all the time now. Last night in Lowes she threw a FIT because she couldn't have it, and so Damian decided that it was the end of the P. I freaked out a little so we decided that we are going to start weaning her off the P. So no more P in the car. It has been HELL. She cries, and it breaks my heart. I just can't have the three year old with the paci. So, tough love it is.
Right now she is sound asleep in her bed with her P, and I am ok with that for right now. The next five months is going to be tough, getting her off it completely. Wish us luck.


  1. Good luck! We're in the same boat..and the older Caroline gets, the more attached she gets to her "pass". I am so not looking forward to weaning her off of it. :(

    Let me know if you come up with a good plan. I've heard of having a bye bye paci party with balloons, cake etc. where you throw it away together. I've also heard of cutting the tip off so they don't like it anymore.

  2. Good luck! Jax only needs his at naps and bedtime so I'm just going to let him have it for now, but I'm scared for the day we take it away for good!