Wednesday, June 30, 2010

15 month stats ( a little late )

Our pediatrician was on vacation so we were late getting Faith's 15 month well check. In 12 days she will be 16 months old. OWELL. Better late than never.

We started off first with an appointment with Dr. Shapiro her cardiologist. I freakin LOVE this man and his staff. He is amazing and so nice. I for warned them that Faith is having major, and I mean MAJOR doctor phobia. It happened after she got her tubes put in. It was such a horrible experience that I think she is scarred from it.:(

So, the staff did just what I asked and didn't do anything to Faith until Dr. Shapiro was ready to see her. He got on the floor with us, and played with Faith for a few minutes before he listened to her heart. She still has an innocent murmur, but other than that her heart sounded good. Then it was time for the EKG to be hooked up onto her. That was a different story. There was a lot of crying, but his staff was wonderful. There were 2 nurses in there blowing bubbles, Damian was reading books to her, I was holding her in my lap and Dr. Shapiro was looking at the EKG readings. It was a packed room but Faith finally stopped crying and didn't do too bad. Her heart did slip back into an elevated rhythm, and we had to stay hooked up a little longer to make sure it went back into a normal rhythm. Guess what people? It went back down and slipped back into a normal pattern. Her meds are working good! So I left there feeling really good about things. :)

I was dreading going to her regular pedi appointment,for so many reasons, but to make a long story short,I actually left there feeling happy and like I had all my questions answered.
It was really good. Faith got 2 vaccines today and will get a couple more at her 18 month appointment. We space her vaccines out, so that is why it seems like she is always getting shots. Poor girl.

So she weighed in at 20lbs10oz -10% for weight, 30 1/4 inches long- 25-50% for length, 18 inches for her head- 25-50% for head.

She is my sweet tiny girl, and thriving.Her pedi said she has a strong will and that is what has gotten her though all her health issues so far. She has no idea. I knew this little girl was a fighter since the first time I saw her on my ultrasound. :)

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