Sunday, June 13, 2010

15 Months old

Faith turned 15 months last Friday.. Sorry it is late.

Has it really been 15 months since my sweetness came into this world? It seems like yesterday I was getting ready to have her.

Let's see...

She is wearing size 3 diapers still. That is when we actually put her in a disposable one. We are really liking the cloth diapering. Even Damian is on the cloth diaper train. He even took her out by himself on Saturday and CD'd the whole time. I am so proud! We are also using our own cloth wipes. I made some out of old receiving blankets and make my own solution too. They are so much better than the regular wipes.

She wears size 6-12 months clothes.

Size 3 shoes

Signs and talks up a storm. YAY!

Eats like a 10 year old boy. I mean this girl can eat. She eats everything! When we go out to eat we have to order her a child's plate because she will eat the whole thing.

Drinking goat's milk and water only. She still hasn't has any juice. I know, I am a mean mommy. But there is no reason she needs it, so should I give it to her?

Starting to not want to take two naps a day. On the weekend she usually takes one long nap.

She started swimming classes last week and loves them for the most part. There are a few tears shed, when the instructor gets out the foam water noodles. She hates them.

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