Saturday, June 26, 2010

My new little treasures!!

Today was a crazy busy day. Faith and I went up to Round Rock to check out the new north clinic. It is beautiful. I am jealous that some of my co workers and doctors will be working there. It is so nice. BUT it is over 50 miles from my house, and there is no way that I would be willing to drive that far on a daily basis.
Since I was in Round Rock I decided to stop by the Le Leche League conference and check it out. I had a good time. Met Kim, from Rockin Green. LOVE that laundry soap!!!!!! She and her husband were so nice. I got a new bag of smashing watermelon's soap and a ton of samples!
I also bought some new diapers. NOW, I usually like to buy one size diapers, but this was someone who makes them, and they came in sizes. I bought 3 size large diaoers.Her business is called Diaper Change. Check them out at They are really cute and they have side snaps which seem to be easy. I will let everyone know what I think about them.

After that we made a mad dash back to Kyle to get ready for my friend Presley's birthday party. She turned one today, and had her party at a place called Wazoo's. Faith had such a good time! :) Didn't get too many pictures because I was too busy chasing a crazy toddler around. A toddler who had no naps and too much sugar!

We are relaxing for the rest of the evening.... Maybe the hubbs and I can watch a movie or something.

Here is a pictures of my new TREASURES!

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