Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cloth wipes

Ok, so if you are totally grossed out by cloth diapers how about you at least give cloth wipes a try?
A couple of reason why they are amazing...

1. Do you know how much money you save by not using disposable wipes? I swear we used to use a ton of wipes. And good ones are expensive.
2. You can be a green momma by using your own wipes
3. They clean up so much better then the other wipes. I can use one wipe to clean up something that used to take me four wipes.
4. They are cute. I know, again with the cuteness. I love cute!

I have made all but 4 of my cloth wipes. And the ones I didn't make, I don't really like. I don't see the point on buying them when I can make my own. For CHEAP!

I made some wipes for two of my girlfriends who also cloth diaper. I hope they like them. :)

Some pictures taken with my phone.

Here are the girl wipes I made:

Some cute boy wipes

I rolled up 6 wipes and tied them with some ribbon. Cute huh?

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