Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I love reading other people's blogs, and a lot of them do a thing called ten on Tuesday. It is where you list 10 things that have happened in the past week.
So here I go..

1. Last Saturday we went to the K9 Xpress Agility show. This is my favorite show. I love the venue, the weather, the people, the dogs. This year was so much fun because last year I was pregnant running Gracie. A year later here she is. I was so happy to be able to take her with me and share it with her.Here is my video from a year ago

2. Faith is signing DOG all the time. the sign for dog is a pat on your leg. Faith signs it on her chest. Which is actually help, but we know she is signing dog. I am so happy that she is signing more.

3. The weather in Texas today is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the spring time here.

4.Faith is starting to stand without holding onto anything. She is really unsure of herself. I think she could totally walk if she really wanted to.

5. I have finished pumping. YAY!! I have a freezer full of breast milk, and I feel like I get an "A+" for pumping/breastfeeding. I am so proud of myself for never giving Faith any formula. I know that sometimes you have no choice but to give your baby formula, but I am so thankful and feel so accomplished that I didn't have to!

6.Faith's birthday party is this weekend, and it has turned out to be bigger than I have ever planned. We have had over 140 people RSVP. I know you are probably thinking " how do you even know that many people?!" We have a lot of family and friends who are excited about celebrating this special day with us.

7. Faith's heart is doing great. She is on one medication now called Flecainide, and it seems to be doing it's job. She goes back to the cardiologist on her birthday and we will see what he has to say

8. My house is a train wreck. It really needs a makeover and a good spring cleaning. I am putting that out there so I can be held accountable for it. I need to get my butt in gear and get things together.

9. I am really blessed that I work for such a great place. My work has been so amazing with me taking off so much work for Faith. Love ya CTVSH

10. It really doesn't seem possible that in 2 days my baby girl is going to be 1. It really feels like yesterday that she was born.

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