Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Again?! Really?

Today I picked up Faith early from daycare because her heart rate was elevated to 140. Aimee said she didn't want to nap, or eat breakfast, and was really crabby. That is really unusual for Faith. She was also messing with her ear again, so I thought it might be her ear infection that possibly didn't clear up. So I took her in to see Dr. Lincoln ( her pediatrician ) She took a peak in her ears and everything looked good. She told me that I needed to call Dr. Shapiro ( Faith's cardiologist )
When I was leaving the pediatrician's office, I ran into Dr. Wong. Dr. Wong was the on call cardiologist when Faith was in the hospital last week. He was there with his brand new baby boy. Baby Benjamin was so cute! Dr. Wong was so nice, and told me not to be too alarmed but to call Dr. Shapiro because Faith's heart might be trying to jump up again. Long story short, I spoke with Dr. Shapiro, and we decided that I would take her heart rate every hour and call him in the morning with the results.
Next Thursday, Faith goes in to see him and he said he would hook her up to a halter. I really hope that she doesn't have to wear the halter for 24 hours. Next Thursday is her 1st birthday and I would hate for her to have to wear that thing all day. It would really bug her.

There are so many days that I am fed up with work, but days like today make me realize how lucky I am to have a job and people I work with be so understanding about the current situation with Faith. I am able to take off when I need so I can be with her. I am truly blessed.

Oh and just for the record, Faith's heart rate has been nice and normal since we have been home. Maybe this little girl just wants her mommy to stay with her?!

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