Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

I can not believe that a year ago today that I laid eyes on you for the first time. I never knew what " love at first sight" meant, until I met you.
I remember holding your sweet little body in my arms, and thinking to myself " I did it, she is PERFECT"
Your first year has flown by. We had a couple of obstacles to overcome, but we did it together. I won't say that this past year was easy, because emotionally it wasn't. But I will say that I would do it all over again for you.
You amaze me everyday. You are so smart, and I love watching you learn new things.
It melts my heart the way you love dogs. Especially your dogs! :)
I have big dreams for you little girl, and I know that you will achieve them, and so much more.
I thank God for allowing me to be your mommy. You are an angel here on earth.
My whole world, begins and ends with you..
Love you so much, Mommy xoxoxo

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