Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's been a rough three weeks

Ever since Faith got out of the hospital this last time she hasn't been the same. Real moody, not sleeping or eating well. I thought it was going to take time for her to adjust back to being at home.
A couple weeks went by and she was still in her funk. I started noticing that when she was waking up in the middle of the night she wasn't actually waking all the way. She was tossing and turning. Crying like she hurt. I started thinking that maybe she didn't feel good. But what could it be? I finally narrowed it down to either milk, or her new meds.

I made an appointment for her to see Dr. Collins. I was going to leave work an hour early to take her. Well about 11:45, I got a call saying that Faith's eye was swollen. I freaked out for just a minute, but had to laugh because seriously?! This poor kid can't catch a break.

By the time I pick her up, which by the way is only about 45 minutes later, her eye looked better. I took her into see Dr. Collins and after discussing everything with her, she seemed to think it was milk that was making her " not feel well" She actually thought that Faith was just acting out, but since I felt it wasn't the case, we went with the milk theory.

Well, I cut of milk, and her rash started going away, but she still seemed restless at night and acting out at daycare.

I had a minor meltdown at work, and after talking with some of the doctors I work with, we decided that I needed to call Dr. Shapiro.
Long story short, he put her on Pepcid to reduce the acid in her tummy.

OMG! She is back to herself! She is sleeping through the night, being friendly, eating. Thank GOD!

I swear if it wasn't for bad luck we would have no luck.

I have noticed that I haven't posted any pictures of my sweet little doll face, so I thought I would close with a couple of pics. I hope you enjoy.

Here is Faithie at the hospital.

12 months old! Birthday Princess.


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