Monday, June 4, 2012

Good People

God has blessed us with so many amazing people in our lives. Just recently I have noticed it more than ever. This weekend alone, I had one friend swing by my house and drop off an armful of clothes she had gotten for Faith, and our neighbor across the street came over and helped Damian weed the flower beds and then, she planted beautiful plants and flowers in our flower beds. We used one of our home depot gift cards to go get soil, mulch and a couple plants, but she did everything else, plus added several plants and flowers from her own personal stash. This sweet woman has the most beautiful back yard. She is an avid gardener. We have also spent the last two weekends with an awesome family at the pool, and then BBQing at their house later in the evening. Damian and I are so happy to have found a couple to hang out with that are pretty much just like us. They even have a 3 year old daughter who Faith LOVES. We love you Mata's!

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  1. Aww..we love y'all too! I totally freaking teared up..stupid hormones. Haha.