Thursday, June 28, 2012

9 months old

Nine months is always the hardest for me. I feel like at nine months you are teetering on the cusp of a year. My baby will be one in just three short months. It went by way to fast. It makes me so sad to think that Noah is my last baby. Never again will I experience all the things I am getting to experience with him now. TEAR......... Noah James, - You have been a BUSY boy this past month. - You started crawling on June 1st. You army crawled for one day and then took off on all fours after that. You are so cute when you crawl. It doesn't seem like you are all that fast, but you get to where you need to go. One minute you are in the living room and the next minute you are in the kitchen. So clearly you can book it when you need to. - You have also started pulling up and standing on everything. You even let go for a split second. - You are still wearing size 4 diapers. I am really starting to think I don't want to cloth diaper you. I know that it would save us so much money, but I feel like I save so much money not using formula, or feeding jarred baby foods. So give me a break. ;) - You still sleep in our bed, and we don't see you leaving anytime soon. It works for all of us, and I really don't care what other people say. - You drink out of your sippy like a PRO. Still no bottle. - You have also given up your Paci. You never really liked it. You have been without it for almost a month now. - If I had to guess I would say you weigh about 24lbs. We will see at your 9 month check up on Monday. - Your hair is really growing in. It is going to be thick like your daddy's. - You are still very much a momma's boy, but you will settle for your daddy or your PoPo. - You are an amazing eater just like your sissy. I really believe that has to do with not feeding any jarred baby foods. - You wear 18 month cloths - You love story time at the library, and are super outgoing when we are around all the other little kids. - You have also learned how to clap this month. It is so cute. - You have learned to sign "milk", "up" and "more" this month. I am so proud. - You say Dada all the time. Your daddy thinks that it is because you love him best, but we all know you are just trying to make him feel better. ;) - You think Sissy is so funny. You laugh and laugh at her. Dance class is almost as much fun for you as it is for her. - You are so strong. You can throw things across the room. So far it is always with your left hand. We will see how that changes. - You are such an angel. I am so in love with you little boy. We all are.

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