Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1/2 birthday Post ( 6 months old )

Six months old!!! REALLY? My baby is already 1/2 a year old. Crazy........

Noah James,
-You are six months old and wear 12 month clothes.
- I took you to Stride rite to get your feet measured and you wear a 4 extra wide. Your feet are CRAZY big. Andrew says your feet are like Shaq's. Haha
- You are still wearing a size 3 diaper, but in the next couple of weeks I am going to try to switch you to cloth.
- You had RSV at the beginning of March and had to use a nebulizer. It was awful :( But as long as we sang to you, everything was ok. :)
- You also had your first ear infection. You didn't show any signs of an ear infection, we just were at the doctor for your six month check up and they said you had one.
- You weigh 20lbs 2oz and are 26 1/2 inches long.
- You are starting to thin out a lot.
- You are rolling everywhere.
- You grab everything and put it in your mouth.
- You are the sweetest baby.
- You smile all the time.
- You are getting better in the car, but it still isn't your favorite thing to do.
- You can sit up unassisted now, and very rarely fall over.
- You started eating solids. I tried giving your purees, but you don't like them at all. So we are doing Baby Led weaning with you, and it is going pretty good so far.
- You are still sleeping in our bed, and still nursing once or twice throughout the night.
- You have two bottom teeth. :)
- You have found your boy bits, and every time I go to change your diaper, your hands are always in your business.
- You are a mommy's boy to the MAX and I secretly love it.
- Your eyes are brown, but I am totally ok with that. I love brown eyes.
- You will not take a bottle and Dr L said to quit trying.
- You are the best nurser. I love nursing you.
- You are such a joy to all of us. Your smile melts my heart and I am so lucky to call you mine.

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