Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life with 3 kids

Yes, I said 3 kids. At the beginning of March our nephew who is 17 moved in with us. He is having some issues right now, and everyone in our family thought our house would be the best place for him. Lots of structure, lots of family time.
Andrew lived with us when he was in 8th grade before we ever had any kiddos of our own, so this isn't the first time that we have had him.
I LOVE this boy. I love him like I gave birth to him, and I am so happy he is living with us.
He has a really busy schedule right now. I have a weekly planner with all his doctor's appointments, therapist visits etc in it, and at least 3 nights out of the week we are doing one of those things with him. Add Faith's activities and my zumba classes on top of that and you have a very tired momma. But I am happy. I am so happy that I am hopefully making a difference in a troubled teens life.
He is amazing with both of our kids and plays with Faith all the time. He even taught her how to play soccer. So keep a look out for Andrew,(or Drew G as Faith calls him ) in pics. He looks a lot like Damian! ;)

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