Friday, November 19, 2010

Still on a mission

to De- Clutter our lives. And boy oh boy are we doing just that.
I am so proud of Damian and I. We are really doing a good job, going through stuff. Keeping what we need, and taking the rest to Goodwill.

One BIG problem that I have had is that I can't get the laundry done. I have lived in this house for two years and have never gotten caught up on our laundry. We have so many clothes. Let me take that back, Damian has so many clothes. It is insane how much stuff he has. And not to mention, he changes clothes several times a day.

I told Damian that I wanted to pack up all the clothes in the house and take them to the laundry mat and get them all done at once. We did just that tonight.
We packed up everything and took it to the laundry mat here in Kyle. we used 13 washers, but we got all of the clothes, washed, dried and put away.

Nice Friday night date HUH?
I am so happy that it is all done. It is 11pm and all my laundry is done. I don't have to worry about anymore of it for the rest of the weekend.

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