Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Ten

1. Yesterday I spent the day with my mom and the kiddos doing some shopping for Faith's birthday party. We had a really good day, and both kids were pretty good. It is still exhausting toting two kids around.

2. Faith had dance class again last night and they are learning their dances for their upcoming recital. I am so excited!!! I need to video tape their teacher doing the dance, so I can practice with Faith at home. YES, I am that mom. I enjoy practing with her and making sure that she does it correctly. I know that she is a little girl, and that all I should worry about it letting her have fun, but I also think she needs to learn how to practice.

3. Noah is still sleeping in bed with us, and nursing through out the night. I really enjoy our special time during the night, but I think it will soon be time to start putting him in his own bed. He turns 5 months on the 27th, so I will start by letting him nap there and see how that goes. I will not move him into his own room until at least 6 months old.

4. Faith fell down today and got her first scrapped knee. I feel pretty lucky that we have made it almost 3 years without a scrapped knee. My SIL says that I never let her run and play so that is why it hasn't happened sooner. Well, this poor girl was so tramatized by scrapping her knee that she seriously cried pretty much all day. From 10am, until I put her to bed at 8:30pm. She told me she couldn't walk, and wanted me to carry her everywhere. She also told me that she is " never ever going to walk again, because look what happens to her when she walks" Damian said that she was totally fine when I left to go to zumba class for an hour. Walking and running etc. I think she is playing her mommy.

5. Speaking of ZUMBA... I tried out a zumba class tonight with some friends. I really had a good time, and it was so much fun. I looked like an idiot trying to do the dances, but the instructor said that we probably burned around 1000 calories. That isn't bad. We are going to try out another class at a different place on Thursday.

6. Tonight was the first time I have left the house to work out since Conway died a year and a half ago. CRAZY huh? I was only a little anxious, but Damian really did a good job with both kids and both dogs. He was only a tiny bit frazzled when I got home. :)

7. I am beyond happy that I actually went out. Lately I have been feeling trapped, and started finding myself getting depressed. I spend Monday - Friday at home with my two babies and our 9 month old nephew. I feel like I have no social life, and that I have no adult interaction. I am starting to get into a slump and I have to get out. I need to get out there and make new friends and start telling myself it is ok to have " me " time.

8. I am also feeling FRUMPY. My "uniform" each day is a T shirt and a pair of sweatpants. My hair is in a ponytail, I have no makeup on, and I just look a mess. I also wanted to be that HOT mom. I told myself I would never let myself go, and be a mess. But when I look in the mirror I look like a mess. Even on the weekend I feel like I have nothing to wear. I spent the last several years wearing scrubs everyday, so I don't really have too many outfits to choose from. I have to change this, so I have decided to actually make an effort to do for myself some and not always for the kids. MY kids will not be neglected, I just have to actually spend some time and money on myself. I want to get some chunky highlights in my hair, and some new clothes and makeup. I want to feel pretty again.

9. Faith's birthday is fast approaching and I have so much to do. For some reason this year, I am dragging ass on planning and actually getting things done. I HAVE to sit down and get everything finalized. Invitations went out today so that is progress.

10. Noah's baptism has been schuduled for April 20, so after Faith's birthday, I have to start working on Noah's baptism. Actually, I have to help with Trace's ( nephew ) baptism first, and then Noah's. We are Trace's Godparents. :)

So life has been crazy busy here, but that is nothing new.

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