Monday, February 6, 2012

I spoke too soon.

I was just telling my sister a couple weeks ago how Faith hasn't been sick this winter. Last winter she has RSV and walking pneumonia. It was awful.
Well, I spoke too soon. Faith woke up on Thursday with a snotty nose, and I thought it was just a cold. Saturday morning a nasty cough, that by today had turned into a wet nasty cough.
Took her in to see her pedi and she thinks she has walking pneumonia. UGGHHH. She had it last winter and now has it again. She said she couldn't say for 100% that it was walking pneumonia, without doing a chest xray, but she was 95% sure that she had it. I opted not to put Faith in that torture chamber contraption for xrays and just take our pedi's word for it. So antibiotics it is. My poor sweet girl. She must have been sick, because she told me that she didn't want a birthday party because she didn't feel good. If Faith said that YOU know she isn't feeling well.

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