Monday, December 19, 2011


There has been a lot of changes going on around here. Things have been harder than I like for them to be.
When I got pregnant with Noah we discussed me not going back to work. It would be pointless for us to put two kids in daycare, it would be more than our mortgage.
I had originally intended on working up until it was time for Noah to be born. Well, my blood pressure was starting to go up and up, and I had already had some previous issues with contractions and I had started dilating when I was only 23 weeks pregnant. So in July, my doctor decided that it would be best if I stopped working. That took away 3 months of pay that I had originally planned on.

We are adjusting to living off of one paycheck, and although we are making it, sometimes it seems harder than I thought it would be.

We need to stop eating out all the time, and start making a meal plan at home and actually stick with it. We need to stop buying stupid things, and start living like we are totally broke.

I am hoping that Damian can find a new job soon that pays more and offers better benefits. In January I will start watching our nephew, and that will bring in a little extra money.

Things will be ok, I just have small freak outs occasionally and need to be told that it will all work out....

I am just stressed right now, and need to realsese some of these emotions

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