Wednesday, December 28, 2011

3 Month Post ( One day late )

Has it seriously been 3 months since I gave birth to a "tiny" ten pound baby?!
Time if flying by way too fast and it freaks me out. I am not ready for Noah to grow up. He is my last baby and I want him to stay little. Sadly, that isn't going to happen, so I just need to make sure to document everything so I can remember my sweet tiny chunk...

Noah James, You are 3 months old!

- You are wearing size 3 diapers
- You are a little over 16lbs now.
- You are wearing 6-9 month clothes.
- You are taking a bottle pretty good, but there are sometimes you feel like a bottle just isn't going to cut it. You love to nurse.
- You are smiling more and more.
- You are trying to laugh. You kind of sound like Woody Wood Pecker when you do. It is so cute.
- You are not shy at all. You will smile at anyone especially little old ladies. ;)
- You are sleeping better. You go down around 9pm and sleep until about 3am. Then you get in bed with me, and nurse and sleep the rest of the night.
- You only take good naps, when I am laying with you. Sometimes, I wish you would take a nap by yourself, but most of the time I enjoy laying with you watching you sleep. I am typing this post right now with you sleeping next to me.
- Your eyes are still browish green. Yay for that.
- You have finally started liking the swing a little. Not nearly as much as your sister, but at least we can put you in it for a little bit.
- You love your new activity mat that Santa brought you.
- Tummy time is kinda a bust. You aren't a fan and we don't make you do it as often as we should.
- You love to be held. Not just anyway though. You want to be upright and facing out so you can see everything.
- You are still a momma's boy, but you are really starting to bond with your daddy and that makes my heart happy.
- You have a big sister who you love looking at and smiling at. :)
- You have a couple nicknames.... Squishy, and GusGus
- You are still a little crabby patty, but I am head over heals in love with you and I find myself doing whatever to make you happy 24/7.
- You complete our family and we love you so much.

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  1. That is funny....Brayden never really like the swing either! I never got to do tummy time much because of my circumstances after the delivery and it made me upset, but B turned out just fine! He was crawling before 5 months and that was with NO army crawl! What little tummy he would do got him where he needed to be I guess! Noah will be good! I love watching B sleep to this day! This will probably be our last, too, and I hope to cherish every minute before she grows to quickly!