Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poop Party

Everyday on my lunch break I call to check on Faith. I never thought I would hear what I heard today when I called.

I called A and asked How Faith was. She said " She is good. But she has taken her grossness to a whole new level."

Apparently Miss Faith decided to take off her diaper during nap time this morning. She pooped, and didn't like it. She unsnapped her diaper and tossed the diaper and poop to the side. OMG!!! This is so nasty! I can't even believe it. Then she decided to pee all over the pack n play. Poor A had to clean all that up before 10am this morning!

I am glad that it happened there and not at home. Haha.

It has started making me wonder if she is ready to start potty training. I am thinking about getting a potty for her. I don't want to rush anything but obviously if she knows when she poops and takes her diaper off then I feel like we should start talking about it a little..

I am not forcing anything, but maybe she can sit on her potty while Damian and I are going to the bathroom?! I don't know. I am confused and disgusted.

What a gross little girl. But I still love love love her!

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  1. Hey there!!! While reading this I couldn't help but smile. This has so happened to us. We introduced the potty to Samaya at 12 months. We slowly got her use to going a litte at a time. Now she tells us when she has to go potty. It has also helped that at school they have a schedule and go all the time. It won't won't hurt to introduce it to her.