Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cloth Diapering 24/7

I am soo happy to finally say we are cloth diapering all the time now. We finally convinced our daycare provider to start cloth diapering Faith. Faith was having a really hard time going back to disposables during the week. She was getting BLISTERS on her girly bits and we were not happy, and neither was she. The chemicals in the diapers was just too much for her skin. So A finally said YES to cloth diapering her.
I bought a diaper pail to keep over at A's house, and in the morning Damian puts a new liner in it when he drops Faith off. A justs puts the dirty dipes in the pail, and in the afternoon I come in and get the liner full of dipes out to take home and wash.
It is so great having her in just cloth. I don't enjoy spraying out the dirty poop diapers at the end, but who said being a mom was a glamorous job?!

Now that we are cloth diapering all the time, my addiction to buying diapers has gotten worse. Haha. I think in the month of July I bought 12 new diapers. I need to go to some sort of meetings or something to get help for my problem.

Buying cloth diapers puts a smile on my face. Seeing my sweet baby girl wearing cloth diapers, puts an even bigger smile on my face.

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