Monday, August 16, 2010

17 months ( Aug 11 )

One more month and my little girl will be 1 1/2 years old. Insane!

We are enjoying watching Faith grow and learn. She amazes us every day.
She has had a word explosion recently! She will at least attempt to try and say almost everything we say. She is saying a lot of words. I love it when she shakes her finger at the dogs and says" No, No, No" Too cute.
Her favorite sign and word are probably apple. She is always signing and saying apple!
She is weighing about 21 lbs now, and is starting to fit into some of her 18 month clothes. Her cloth diapers help her fit into them better. I don't realize how small she is until I see her with other kids her age and even kids younger than her. WOW she really is a small fry.

A small fry with a BIG attitude. As Damian likes to say " Jumbo Shrimp". Meaning, big attitude on a little person. She is stubborn and holds a grudge just like her momma! It makes me a little happy that somewhere in that mini version of Damian, there is a little bit of me. ;)

We have started having to do time outs. We have a really big dog bed in our dining room that we call the Lilly pad. That is where she goes for time outs. Now, before you start thinking " Oh My God, I can't believe they put that child on the dog bed " just know that it is a clean dog bed that our dogs very rarely are on. Faith plays on it more than the dogs are ever on it.

She loves dancing and still loves reading books. People ask us if she loves shows like Yo Gabba gabba etc. The answer is no. We don't let her watch TV. I won't let her watch any TV until she is at least 2. Call me a strict bad mom,but that is the way I feel. She will thank me later. Or so I hope. Haha.

Her eating has started to slow down. I was a little worried at first, but I just try and make sure she gets a balanced diet.

Getting decent pictures of this girl is damn near impossible these days. It is so hard to get her to sit still long enough to get a good shot.
So here are her 17 month pictures. One looks like a mug shot, and the other she is trying to get away.

Love her to pieces!

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