Saturday, August 4, 2012

10 year high school reunion

I am getting old! Ten years have passed since I graduated high school. I didn't know if I actually wanted to go to the reunion or not . Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed high school, but I moved out of Bastrop two weeks after I graduated and I haven't been back. I grew up and made new friends. I keep up with people from high school on Facebook, but it isn't the same as some of the people there that still live in Bastrop and still hang out with their high school friends all the time.
Well, I had a couple people FB me and ask me to please go, so I decided that I would go to one of the events that my class was hosting. I am really glad that I went. I had a great time and saw some old friends. Here are a couple picks that I took with my phone that night. On the way home I got pulled over for having my high beam lights on. I got away with just a warning, but I so glad that I didn't drink at all!

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