Friday, December 3, 2010

Funny Farm at the Cuellar House

Last Saturday Emilio and Gracie were playing and Emilio bit Gracie on the leg, which resulted in Gracie getting 4 staples in her leg and she got herself one of these:

Then, on Wednesday, Emilio got neutered and stenotic nares surgery. Emilio's nostrils were too narrow and it was hard for him to breath, so we opted in getting him a little nose job.
Found this imagine on google.

Emilio is also wearing the cone of shame.

Gracie is wearing her cone like a champ. She isn't happy about it, but she is doing ok. Look how pretty she looks modeling her cone.

Emilio on the other hand is terrified of his. He shakes and salivates uncontrollably. He stands in the same spot until I take it off of him. Faith is the sweetest thing in the whole world because she is so worried about Emilio standing there crying she feels the need to go up to him and console him. She gives him kisses and talks to him and it melts my heart. Before I ever had Faith, I hoped and prayed that I would have a kind hearted animal lover. I think I got what I asked for, no?

It is a funny farm around here these days. Two dogs with e- collars on and Faith is a little under the weather. But times like this make me feel like SUPER MOM. I love them. I enjoying taking care of all my babies.

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