Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Let's see if I actually have ten things to talk about......

1. I am very excited to say that we have actually been painting some of the rooms in our house. We bought this house in November 2008 and haven't done anything to it except Faith's nursery. So, recently we painted the laundry room and the half bathroom. I am sure you are thinking that those are two rooms that totally don't matter, but we are starting small. It has been really fun painting with Damian.

2. The past two nights, Faith has been really restless again. I am not sure if it is her ears, or her being traumatized from the hospital, or if it is her switching meds. She has to take an acid reducer when she takes her heart meds because she gets a bad GI upset with the meds. We had her on Pepcid, but it was $65 for a 30 day supply. So Dr. Shapiro put her on Zantic which is only $10. So I am not sure if maybe her meds aren't doing what they should or what. I am constantly worrying.

3. This weekend are the Weenie Dog Races in Buda. I am so excited. I have loved going for years, but this year we are taking Faith and she will have a blast. She will get to see her favorite thing in the world.. DOGS! And they will have a petting zoo, craft fair, cook off, carnival, etc. Can't Wait

4. Just found out last week that Damian, Faith and I will probably be going to California in July. Damian is going for work, and Faith and I are going to hang out. I am nervous about traveling with her on a plane.

5. Faith is getting braver and braver everyday with her walking. Hopefully soon she will really take off

6. I have started to really miss not doing anything with the pins. Before Faith was born, I was in a dog class 3 nights a week, and at a dog show every weekend. I promised myself that after Faith was born I would keep up with that.But due to Faith's health issues, I have put the dogs on the back burner and it sucks. I am a horrible dog mommy. I love those pins. I tell people I gave birth to them. I need to spend more time with my sweet angels just one on one.

7. I have mentioned how much I am in love with my ergo baby carrier? it is my life saver. Faith rides on my back all the time, and I can actually get stuff done around the house.

8. ooohh! I have recently started planting flowers! I am trying to keep everything alive. Wish me luck!

9. Damian and I will be celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary on Thursday. I am so excited!

10. I really want a makeover! I know that sounds selfish but, I really want want to do something for myself.

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