Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby Shaq

The first time we ever had Noah's foot measured we had our 17 year old nephew with us. Here we are in Stride Rite getting Noah's little 8 month feet measured. They were a 4.5 extra wide. I was shocked. Damian was shocked. And Andrew yells " Damn Baby Shaq!" The lady measuring baby boy's feet busted out laughing. So Baby Shaq has now stuck with Noah.
Fast forward to the present...
I knew Noah's 5.5's were getting snug. So I took him in to get measured. 6.5 extra wide. Do you know how freaking hard it is to find extra wide shoes?! It sucks. We finally ended up ordering a pair from Zappos and they are adorable. They match Damian's Sauconys too.
This boy has big wide feet. But aren't these shoes too cute for words?

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