Saturday, October 27, 2012

13 months old

I wish I could freeze time right now. This boy is growing up way too fast!

Noah James,
- you are 26lbs9oz
- you can sign " more, eat, water,milk, and night night"
-you can say " momma, dada, sis, this, eat, and cheese"
- you wear size 4 diapers
- you wear 18-24 month clothes. And some 2t
- you are loud. You makes noise all the time.
- you are so naughty. You get into everything.
- you are a full time walker. You can't stand for me to carry you. You pitch a fit if I pick you up when you were going somewhere or doing something.
- you are such a ham!!! Your smile is contagious.
- you desperately want to be a big kid and do everything that the big kids do.
- you are so adorable. We get stopped all the time with people telling us how cute you are.
- you are sleeping in your own crib still in your own room.
- you are still nursing, but defiantly slowing down. I hope you at least keep nursing until you are two.
- you love your family. And we are pretty crazy about you too.
- you know how to open and close the doors in the house. We are in serious trouble!

We love you so much baby boy...

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