Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy 10 months baby boy

Noah James,
How on earth are you already ten months old? It feels like just yesterday we were anticipating your arrival.
You are such a blessing to our family. We are already planning your first birthday party with your PoPo.
Here is what is going on with you this month.

- you still sleep in our bed. We set up the pack n play in our room and we have been trying to get you to sleep in it, but it really is a lost cause.
-you are such a snuggler. I love it.
- you still are nursing at least twice during the night.
- you are about 24lbs and about 29inches long
- you wear size 4 diapers
- you wear 18-24 month clothes.
- you still wear a size 4xw shoe.
- you are a really good eater. STILL
- you are into everything. You even try to pick the outlet covers off!
- you crawl, pull up on everything and a couple times I have seen you stand unassisted.
- you are really starting to bond with your daddy and I love it. But I don't have to worry because you are still very much a momma's boy.
- you love to go swimming.
- you have started crawling up the stairs.

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