Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Domestic Engineer

So as of yesterday I am officially a stay at home mom. Or as I would like to say , a " domestic engineer"

I went by work yesterday to turn in my resignation. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.As much as I want to stay at home with my babies, I am sacred that I won't do a good job, and that I will loose the person that I am.
I need as much advice on what a typical day is for other stay at home moms. When do you find time to pick up the house, and when do you find time to teach your toddler with a fussy baby?

I do not like the TV as a baby sitter, so that really isn't an option for me. I am willing to let Faith watch maybe 20 minutes or so of a show that I have approved and think isn't a bunch of crap. I figure I will have to get my cleaning done when the kids are taking a nap. That is if they nap at the same time.

I am sure once I get used to everything, I will be ok, but right now I am scared and don't want to fail.
I also want to make sure that Faith still has other friends she can play with so she is still well socialized. She does take dance class once a week, so she is around a bunch of other girls, but there is no free play there.
Any tips or ideas would be lovely. Gotta get back to these kidlets.


  1. Bravo to you! I honestly don't know that I could handle being a stay at home mom. I have no advice other than to make friends with other SAHMs or join a moms group for get togethers and stuff. I'm sure you'll do a great job!

  2. I'm sure that was hard but you'll love watching your babies grow up all day every day! I wrote a blog post about our typical day. I generally don't try to do one on one teaching with Jax until Jory is asleep. And yes, some days it's overwhelming (especially as a WAHM) but try to keep an open mind that TVs aren't going to hurt Faith, especially in moderation. I know very few SAHMs that use TV as a "babysitter", but you'll have an easier time if you allow her a few minutes here and there while you get the baby to sleep or cook dinner, just my experience. That's also the times when I set Jax up at the kitchen table with Play Doh or crayons or a puzzle, anything that will buy me a few minutes.

  3. Oh and babywearing will definitely be your friend, especially if Noah has reflux. It'll keep him upright and allow you to "hold" him while you cook dinner and clean (which I NEVER even bother with until nap time). Sorry for the essay but I hope it helps a little. :)