Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Faith over the past year

I have seen several other moms who blog do this and I thought it would be fun. So here is Faithie over the past year.
PS sorry I have been the worst blogger EVER!

January- still crawling around

February- Faith had her second trip to Dell Children's Hospital. The first day we got there it snowed in Austin! The nurse was so nice,she let us unhook Faith, get her dressed and go out to play and take pictures.

March- My pretty turned ONE! And at the end of this month she took her first steps.

April- Spring time in Texas. Faith also got tubes put in her ears this month.

May- Faith's hair started getting CURLY!!!!!

June- Faith took her first set of swimming lessons.

July- We took our first family vacation to the coast.

August- It was a very hot summer, so we played outside in the water a lot.

September- Faith turned 18 months old. We also lost Conway this month. AND we also rescued Emilio this month.

October- Busy month for Faith. She visited 3 different pumpkin patches, was a flower girl in her Godmother's wedding and dressed up like a gmone for Halloween.

November- Busy busy girl. Talking more and more, and getting very SASSY!!!

December- We celebrated Faith's second Christmas. This year was awesome. Seeing her face and hearing her say "Sansa", "cancane" and "HoHoHo" was too cute!

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